The Process

The Concept

3 Steps in Making a Miniature

1. The Subject

‘Source’ photo of ‘subject’ building. Provide us with an image of the subject you want to have ‘painted’. Let us know what ‘changes’ you want made and we’ll confer about the available and matching miniature options, such as layout formats, sizes and media: watercolor. The subject and the context can be anything. Remember, we’re painting from scratch!

2. The Original Painting

Our artists create an original painting from just about any image or description. We can turn cloudy days into beautiful blue skies complete with puffy clouds. In a commissioned painting, we can easily remove any unsightly distractions, we can add mature trees to the landscape, and we can add that new signage at the front of the driveway that isn’t in the source photo.

3. The Final Frames

Subject print, mat, pencil title, glass, quality frame, finished back with hanger – a finished piece. The original painting is then placed on a ultra-resolution scanner and ‘digitized’. From these files photo prints are made.

We chop and join the frame pieces. We source our frame moulding from USA-based vendors of wood products from managed forests or recycled metals. We design custom mat board layouts and cut them in house. We then mat, glaze and frame each and every piece by hand.
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